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Omanit: The Women Pioneers of Israeli Artistic Culture

About This Event

Women played a vital role in the building of Israeli society, often serving as pioneers in their professions and roles. This lecture showcases the enormous contributions made by the artists Anna Ticho and Siona Taggar, and the architects Genia Averbuch and Elsa Gidoni, who shaped the emergence of Israeli culture in the state’s early years, as well as contemporary feminist artists, such as Michal Na’ama, Andi Aronowitz, and Na’ama Golan. Through their lives and work, we will explore the Zionist promise of gender equality and the challenges of reinventing a modern, independent, Jewish state. We will see how they envisioned, created and critiqued the social, political and religious order that is the bedrock of Israeli society.\ \ This lecture is offered in partnership with the Cleveland Israel Arts Connection program of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland.